Most modern health problems can be prevented or reversed.

I have been a clinician for over 20 years with a focus on Autoimmune Disease.

I am an Autoimune Patient and know how challenging and life changing these conditions can be.

Every Challenges changes us, for better or for worse.

Let’s focus on making things better!

When you are ready to begin the healing journey of rebuilding your Vitality, Metabolism, and repairing an overwhelmed Immune System, then I encourage you to find an Integrative or Functional Medicine doctor or a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mainstream medicine is great at managing your symptoms – the focus is on the ‘What.’

Integrative medicine is great at solving complex and chronic diseases – the focus is on the ‘Why.’

The Benefits of Integrative Medicine

Imagine sitting down and having a meaningful conversation about your health, lifestyle, relationships and past traumas. Imagine having that conversation with someone specifically trained to help you make some important decisions about your health and how you experience stress.

Integrative Medicine is in such demand because we look at the whole person.

We dig into your medical history and test for your greatest metabolic challenges.

We focus on the most up-to-date research and therapeutic protocols.

Integrative medicine is a long term relationship – the focus in on improving your health more than your diagnosis.

Changing your health usually means changing your lifestyle. A little – or a lot!

Changing your lifestyle is challenging, so it is best to have a guide with a lot of experience supporting people through the hard parts.

Welcome to my Practice

Michael Smith, Dr.TCM, FDN-P, NST has been in clinical practice for 25 years. A respected Integrative Medicine pioneer, Michael combines the leading edge sciences of Functional Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition with the vast experience and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Smith’s clinical focus is on Chronic Autoimmune Disease, Trauma Release and Addiction Recovery.

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Solving the Chronic Illness Epidemic

Opimal treatments repair your immune system while nourishing and rebuilding your body from the inside out.

Most chronic illnesses improve with an Ancestral Diet, regular exercise and meditation.

  • Realities

  • 1 in 5 people have and Autoimmune Disease

  • Chronic Inflammation causes MOST chronic illnesses

  • Most modern Drugs ONLY treat your symptoms

  • Chronic Distress is a kind of Trauma

  • YES! You will have to change your lifestyle!

  • Opportunities

  • An Ancestral Diet is the foundation of a healthy immune system

  • Stress reduction practices are ancient for a reason

  • Being consistent and determined IS confidence

  • Treating the Root Cause is your best option

  • It feels AMAZING to get your life back!

Clinic Services

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The Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol

An Anti-inflammatory Diet

The Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol has four stages. The first stage is a diet and lifestyle that reduces inflammationd stress as much as necessary.

This is like training an angry dog. It is all about patience and consistency!

An Anti-inflammatory Diet includes:

Fish, Greens, Avocados, Cucumbers, Berries, and Sprouts

My Clinical Focus

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As a clinician, I have 25 years experience researching and resolving some of the most complex and chronic conditions in medicine.

As a patient who has lives with Autoimmune Disease and Complex PTSD, I have a great deal of personal experiencee about living with and healing from these serious and life-changing medical conditions.

Functional Medicine


Ancestral Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Somatic Mindfulness Process

Personal Mentoring

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