A Funny Story About Super Heroes

//A Funny Story About Super Heroes

A Funny Story About Super Heroes


Is it time to break out of your shell?

Today, I wanted to share some thoughts and metaphors about the subjective experience of Trauma, Addiction, and Chronic Disease. It seemed fitting with the theme of rising from the grave or beginning with a more empowered incarnation.

So, let’s chat about Trauma, Addiction, Illness and Super Heroes.

If you have never seen a comic book or newspaper cartoon, this will seem a bit abstract. For the rest of us, take a moment and remember your favorite comic.

This works best if you can think about a Super Hero who has serious enemies and some personal issues…

Imagine a person who is living through the hardest part of their life. They are digging deep into their resolve and their very last physical, emotional and Spiritual resources. It may not look heroic, but for some of us, getting through a work day without falling down or freaking out can take some inner super powers. Especially when you are at your wit’s end.

As a Super Hero, you know your powers by what you can resist – or believe you are invulnerable to.

You, like all Super Heros, also have a secret and false persona that keeps the dangers or problems at a distance – but you are always on the verge of being discovered.  Your entire Universe is polarized. Only you and a select few know that you only have superpowers and are a Hero. Even fewer know that you gained your superpowers after surviving a dangerous situation that changed into a more powerful and protective you.

Then there are those thought clouds. Remember, this about a comic book.

This might stretch your imagination a bit. What if you are  carrying behind you every thought bubble you have ever made. Or, think of someone who has had it a lot harder than you,

A lot of weight to pull around, right?

The thoughts and words that are triggered by and attached to your source of disorientation – such as Chronic Pain, Trauma, Degenerative Illness  or Addiction  are the heaviest to bear. The words and thought bubbles of others that call on your powers to deal with somehow magically stick  to you as well.

That is a lot of thoughts and responsibility to pull around every day, for anybody – even a Super Hero.

This constant sense of disorientation, stress, self-consciousness, hyper-vigilance, and exhaustion from all of the imminent consequences confirm your need to resist and dig deep and keep grinding.

That is what PTSD, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, and Addiction are like. It takes courage and a lot of willpower. Living this way is a Hero’s journey.

My Patients Are All Heroes. I Am A Hero.

If You Are Healing Your Life, Then You Are A Hero Too.

Happy Easter!

I hope you using your superhero powers for good.

This little story was to exaggerate the embodied qualities of keeping it together and dragging your way through your life. I have spent my time there and know it very well.

If you are curious about Qi gong, Breathwork and a Somatic relationship with your healing or Spiritual Growth, I would like to invite you to join me in a 12-Week adventure in self-awareness and Somatic (embodied) Mindfulness.

I am combining many years of Qi Gong and Meditation experience with about 15 years of research and clinical exploration with many forms of Somatic Therapy. Now that Breathwork is mainstream, I am also sharing some very powerful Breathwork wisdom from both Daoism and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Here is the link.

If you are more interested in working with me one-on-one, I am offering Somatic Mindfulness Process sessions as a part of my practice now. I can do this with patients online now as well. Contact me HERE.

When you are working with somatic centered therapies like Somatic Mindfulness, Compassionate Inquiry, or Somatic Experiencing, you are embarking on the journey of self-awareness and rediscovering of your potential. This kind of support affords you a chance to resolve some deeply instinctual wounds and adaptive disorientation. EVERY form of Somatic therapy brings you deeper into your most instinctual resources and into your oldest wounds.

The focus is not on the pain, it is with a clear understating of what has shaped your life, the willingness to feel your life more consciously, and the wisdom to use those feelings to keep you connected to your daily practice, your compassion, and your adaptability.

As the Buddha says, “Life will have pain, but with Consciousness and Compassion, there will be no suffering.”

Self Compassion is a Super Power.

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